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The DCDM brand name originated from De Chazal Du Mée and which was the first Chartered Accountants firm in Mauritius back in 1952.

With the economic development of Mauritius and the setting up of the Global Business framework, Africa was part of our strategy to develop a Pan African company with the right network in each country where we were operating. By being bilingual, we have been able to participate in over 1,000 audit for donor agencies across Africa.

In respect of Madagascar, we have participated mainly on the privatization process of some key companies as either statutory auditors or financial advisor for successful bidders of the privatized companies (SOLIMA, TELMA END HASYMA).

With our presence in Madagascar dating back to 1997, we strongly believe that we are the right firm to be your trusted business advisor and our motto of “Nurturing Success Together” takes in consideration the importance of having the right start in Madagascar and the requirement focus on respective core competencies.

Effective as from October 2020, we are also developing support services for non-financial services including a keen interest for Agri Business, Natural Resources and Non-Governmental Organization.