Tax Advisory and Compliance

Proper understanding of Tax framework in Madagascar can be the single most important risk to manage for international companies.

There is excessive subjectivity in the tax laws interpretation and we believe that we have acquired the right level of experience over the year to help mitigate such tax risks. Proper tax risk management will imply strict compliance to all the tax rules and deadlines expected by the Tax Authority from clients.

As DCDM, we can help ensure that all monthly and annual tax returns are properly prepared, verified and filed within deadline. In addition, we can also provide Tax Compliance Certificate for any specific request from shareholders.

We spend significant time to coach our clients on the right approach for tax risk management and we have the expertise to advise on tax matters for resident individuals, expatriates and legal entities. Our tax advisory and compliance address the needs and objectives of each of our clients, enabling them to balance compliance with value creation.

We provide tax compliance, appeal and due diligence services in respect of the fiscal environment in Madagascar.