Back office Services

Books and records should be maintained in French and according to the Plan Comptable General 2005/ PCG 2005. This is a specific chart of account classification that should be strictly complied with as per tax compliance requirement.

As DCDM, we will be able to ensure compliance to expected local regulations while also ensuring flexibility in internal reporting to comply with group policies and reporting.

Back Office Services provided by us will include the following:

  • Safe-keeping of supporting documents;
  • End of year Financial Statements for statutory audit purposes;
  • End of year Financial Statements for Group Consolidation purposes;
  • End of year annual filing of audited financial statements;
  • Stock Inventory for third party assurance and

We are flexible in the way we service our clients through secondment for a short, medium term or long term basis. It is however vital for us , so as to be effective in Back Office Services , that proper internal control procedures are in place and adhered to by the client so that accounting information provided to us have been properly approved internally by our client.