With a current focus on food security and also the projected growth of Africa population to 2.6 billion in 2050, we believe there are significant prospects for successful agribusiness projects in Madagascar with the following key factors to consider:

  • Availability of nearly 60 million hectares of land for Agribusiness projects;
  • Relatively low pressure on water usage;
  • Availability of low skilled labour and who can be useful for high labour intensive projects;
  • Ease for Organic Agriculture with the relatively low use of pesticide / chemical products in current traditional agriculture and
  • Prospects for an increasing local and regional market for agricultural crops with Madagascar population expecting to double to 50 million by 2050 and access to SADC common market.

At DCDM, we will be able to assist in the following:

  • Land acquisition through “Bail Emphytheotique” / leasehold;
  • Specific agronomy services through our network of local and international experts;
  • Application for Environment Impact Assessment;
  • Setting up of Cooperative Farmers Association and
  • Facilitation with local population by taking in consideration and managing impact of traditions and culture on new projects.