Payroll Outsourcing

Payroll management can be tricky for clients having activities across multiple countries. Too often, there may be a tendency of trying to benchmark to labour laws to which the client is familiar instead of ensuring compliance to statutory obligations in the country in which the client is operating.

There are significant variations in the rules and regulations, the number and type of deductions, the data that needs to be reported and the frequency of payments. Consequently many of our clients choose to outsource their payroll management to DCDM with the assurance that there will be proper and strict compliance to all relevant statutory obligation.

By having DCDM as a payroll services provider, our client can be sure of a consistent, high quality payroll service with focus on the following:

  • Compliance to all relevant tax and social contributions requirement;
  • Confidentiality of employee information;
  • Maintenance of compliance with complex tax and legal changes;
  • Mitigation of payroll fraud risk;
  • Client representation with the Labour Authority and
  • Assistance for disciplinary committee and contract termination.